Fortiguard Threat Report and Map

The graphic below depicts the current state of global viruses and threat level as determined by the Fortinet Fortiguard threat protection service. Here you can check for the global status of botnets, virus threats, intrusion threats, antispam efforts, and application usage. Fortiguard is exclusively available on Fortinet products and is an integral component in the Unified Threat Protection service offered by Merit Technologies.  

Network Security Tactics and Advice

  • Samsung Knox platform: Can it improve Android device security?
    Application security expert Michael Cobb discusses the Samsung Knox platform and its ability to improve Android device security in the enterprise.
  • DevOps testing: Never trust the world outside the enterprise
    Find out why a white-hat hacker claims "the biggest thing that keeps me up at night is the code DevOps is writing for the infrastructure," and what security pros can do about it.
  • FIDO authentication standard could signal the passing of passwords
    The FIDO authentication standard could eventually bypass passwords, or at least augment them, as government and industry turns to more effective authentication technologies.
  • Status quo: Data compromise holds steady in 2016
    Data breaches can point to issues with security tools and their implementation. Some companies that are putting personally identifiable information at risk may surprise you.

Merit Security Sheild

Managed Security Firewall Services for your gateway

  • Basic
  • $149/mo
  • ideal for securing your small business, remote office or home network
  • 5 Lan / 1 Wan
  • max-registered 10 forticlient Users VPN
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  • Basic+Wifi
  • $164/mo
  • Ideal for securing your small businesses, remote office or home network plus pubic and private wifi options.
  • 5LAN / 1 Wan / mulitichannel WiFi
  • max-registered 10 forticlient Users on VPN
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  • Professional
  • $249/mo
  • Ideal for securing small and medium businesses
  • 10Lan / 2 Wan / Multichannel WiFi
  • max-registered 200 forticlient users on VPN
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Security review, installation and custom integration of Merit Security Sheild site premise equipment included on all plans.

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